Monday, April 27, 2009

Music Magic Mystic

I'm back again. I was forcing myself to go to sleep but I failed. I don't know what's bothering inside. But hey, it's okay. I'll pour everything, what's in my mind right now. I'm going to the next topic, which is about music. Or about my involvement in music to be more accurate.

I started this band thingy when I was in my school. About 4 years maybe. But a lot has happened in that 4 years. So here's how the story goes.

When I first entered Form 6, I knew nothing about music. Yeah, hell I knew nothing. But I was interested in playing music instruments at that time. So I started with a guitar. Mom didn't say anything or stopping me at that time. She even gave me the money to buy that guitar. So I started with an ordinary wooden guitar. Well, I'm a beginner. Hahaha. So from there, I took a lot of time to learn how to play that thing. Damn was so hard.
And the man behind all that(my music teacher(s)) are BENONI, ABANG AKHMAS and MY UNCLE(ISMAIL BOLHI).
Benoni is a vocalist in his own band(THE GRENADES). He taught me how to play guitar and he was my vocal teacher as well.
Abang Akhmas is my own cousin and my bestfriend. This guy was in a band that changed it's name frequently. From Sesame Street, Odd Slumber Friday(the band I was in) and THE FRIDAY(just an alter name for O.S.F).
My uncle was my inspiration. A great man in music. Super good with music instruments. His band won a lot of competitions and got so many invitations to do stage-performing. He was in Tribal Tone(the name for the music studio that they used to hang out) as a guitarist and vocalist. Currently he is playing for Founding Father, with some members of Tribal Tone still play with him.

How I can be involved in music scene. Here's the answer. I was a still a learner back then. Odd Slumber Friday(OSF) was finding for a bassist at that time. It should be filled by me, but I was still learning. So they found a bassist. Meaning I failed to join the band. But something happened in the middle. There was no vocalist for the band at that time. It should be filled by Abang Akhmas himself, but he turned down that offer. So they offered me a chance. We went for a practice, and after a few sessions of practice, everyone agreed to accept me as the lead vocalist for the band. And hey, I accepted it. My first band that was. Odd Slumber Friday, a 5 piece band. A pop punk band. Somewhere in the middle, the lineup for the band changed because of a little conflict among us. So we got ourselves in our new lineup.
Here's the lineup for this band :
Me Myself - Lead vocalist
Abang Norhickman/Man - 1st guitarist
Abang Akhmas/Amas - 2nd guitarist
Badrul - Bassist(but he got out from the band in the middle)
Hafizuddin - Bassist(our new member)
Jasmi/Min - Drummer
We joined quite a lot of gigs and shows together. Some of it was Tribute to Modern Rock Part 2 and Go Why Town Rock!!
This band split up because all of us were going separate ways at that time. It was goodbye, but I heard that this band is revived by Abang Akhmas and he got himself new band members(including Man - his own brother). I wish all the best for them!!! This band was the bomb!!! I love them.

Next band, 2nd Floor. This is my band at UMSKAL. Coldplay is this band's biggest influence. And all the band members made me realised how wonderful Coldplay is. Even though I joined this band just for a short time, it was really fun because all the band members are really supportive. As long as we're having fun spreading music, that's what matters. I do love this band for sure.
I didn't know but I heard that this band changed their lineup for a number of times as well.
Me myself - Lead Vocalist
Faizal/ Pejal@Buddy - 1st guitarist
Pakko - 2nd guitarist
Zwan - Bassist
Jai - Drummer
We joined Borneo Bandhunter but we didn't win. But at least we get to know each other closer and we made a strong bond. That's what BUDDY really is. I'm looking forward and I'm willing to play with them anytime. Love you guys.

After a certain period, I didn't have any band. So I started playing my own music, which is acoustic. It was my own project and I name myself Teddy Bear & Ghost Stories. I'm still using that name and this one is still going currently. Even that I'm all alone, I will be playing because music to me is passion. It's not the popularity I'm chasing, it's the passion for music I'm searching for.

Other than that, I played with my own brother as well. He's playing acoustic as well. But we do work together sometimes. So I played as a guitarist and vocalist for his acoustic band, Jack and the Axe @ Jack, Not Hijack. We're trying to record our own music currently and we already covered quite a number of songs.

Teddy Bear & Ghost Stories and Jack and the Axe @ Jack, not Hijack is actually a home project. Everything is done by ourselves with our own instruments, softwares, capital, etc. Other than that, we do have our own songs as well such as A Friend Worth A..., Tanpa Rasa Peduli, Get Back Home and Lagu Buat Mama.

I do accept invitation as well. Other than those I have written above. I played for Fun Guy Freaks and Founding Father as well. As a vocalist. Why do I have to sing all the time*sigh*. I played for this band at Malam Apresiasi Muzik on the 31th December 2008.

That was quite an experience for me. And this not full stop yet. Because I'm still going for it. Music is love and I still want to spread the good words with music. So whatever bands I'm in, I will try my very best.

Thanks for reading. Love you all. Catch you guys and girls later.
P/S : Kanny Ong, Mek sikpat post request tak lok. Tunggu2 jak k?. Hehehe.

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