Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Futsal by Buddy

Yesterday was a fun time for me, my friends and all the BUDDY's.
For sure, yesterday will remain in me forever. We played futsal together. And the whole game was filled with joy and laughter. Even though some of us(including me) is not that good in playing futsal(or even never been for an exercise), all of us came and played together. It was very fun. At first, I didn't plan to play with them. But after a while, everyone insisted to go. And hell, who want to be left alone. So I came as well.

And yeah, we didn't criticize each other. Everyone was having fun. We never stopped laughing. Even though I was so tired like shit, I can still laugh because that game was quite fun. I remembered my friend at my hometown. We used to play futsal together as well, but I'm not that good in that sport. We played just for fun. But yesterday was more than that. It's not that I'm comparing my friends here and at my hometown back there. But yeah, friends here are different. We're not from the same state, but everyone is just so close. Being with them does make me happy all the time. The world goes round and round. Hahaha.

But this semester will be the last for some of them. So we won't be seeing each other again, or it will be hard to see them to be more accurate. But that's okay though. Because friendship is from the inside. I'll be sure to keep them forever in my memory. We've done a lot of things together, we share the same interests, sometimes we share our problems, we shared our hardship, and everything. The bond is so strong.

Yeah, I guess it's true after all. Friendship is really important in our life. It will be hard to move forward without people who keep supporting us. Our journey in this world is quite far. We won't reach the end just by ourselves. We do need friends. Who will be there for us when we're up, and when we're down.

So, that's all for my post today. Shit, quite touching for me. Hahaha. Thanks for reading. Catch you guys and girls later. Love you all.
Muah Muah Muah!!!

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