Monday, May 11, 2009


That's the topic for today.
Love to me is something that you can't define at all.
You never knew when you're in love. And when you are, you feel the world is yours. Everything is just perfect in your eyes.
And when you aren't, you feel so left out. No one there for you, just you alone vs the world.

I met this someone, so very special. At least, to me she was, and still is.
But would you force someone when they don't love you? Of course it'll be a 'no'.
The world was mine. My smile became sweeter. Flowers bloom again in my heart.
But now, the world doesn't want me, my smile is bitter, the flowers are dead.
It hurts so much though. But I'm not blaming her or anyone at all.
Because she makes me happy.

It's all because of me. I kept my problems to myself. Didn't tell her at all. Because I've promised I'll be there with her. Don't wanna hurt her, so I kept it from her, I thought of solving it on my own. Totally my fault when I knew she's there for me anytime. I recklessly did the wrong thing.
I wish I can turned back time. But time is love as well. Treasure it or waste it. It's all on you.

And now I decided to back off from this place. Because I hurt the most important person to me.
I'm in vain, I'm weak again. I can't stand on my own foot. I'm not begging for her forgiveness, I want her forgiveness. I don't need her love, I'm dying for her love. Damn, now this is killing me.
I wanna see her face, see her laugh, and even see her sing a song for me. I still owe her a song as well.

This is part of the lyrics that I wrote but now it's no use anymore...

...because I want her happy
...and I love her smile

I have no more idea on what to write. My mind's so messed up right now. I don't want goodbye.

Lucky I still have my blog to express everything.

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